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Rick's paintings depict various subjects, both real and imagined,  in stunning detail through his Realism Art style.
Rick works mostly in Pastel, but also Charcoal, Acrylic and Oil mediums.

Born in Kansas and growing up in the small Farming and Ranching community of Medicine Lodge, Rick was surrounded by amazing people, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and horses and livestock. 

He started drawing at a very early age by drawing "what he saw".
Encountering different places, animals, and things has always created a constant desire to get the subject or idea down on paper or canvas.

A successful portrait or painting is more than a mirror of a physical likeness: It transcends form and reveals the subject's spirit and personality. Capturing the subject's essence is what Rick strives for in his work.  His subject matter is wide and varied. Sometimes he works from photos taken by himself or others.  Other times his work is created from a combination of different photos, or he creates using the thoughts in his mind.~


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